We go butt-on with the Blix Komfort Prima electric bike

March 28, 2018

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Blix is a new European ebike brand that melds high style, faux leather, and a really nice electric drive train to create a $2,500 ebike that might be too pricey for some but hits most of the buttons when it comes to a fully augmented bike ride. The bike, called the Blix Komfort Prima, runs about 60 miles per charge on Eco mode and essentially adds small boost to your regular pedaling. It includes disc brakes as well as front and rear lights and when you amp it up to High power mode you can really fly at about 20mph.

I rode this bike around Brooklyn including on a 10 mile trek on the city streets and the ride was surprisingly pleasant. The Komfort Prima uses the Shimano Step system to add a boost to your regular peddling, thereby allowing you to take hills with ease and get a little help on straightaways. In fact, the Step system is almost undetectable in Eco mode but it still goes a long way to making your ride more comfortable.

I like the styling of the bike and the high quality accessories. I also like the Step’s removable battery pack – a huge improvement over previous ebikes I’ve ridden. What I don’t love is the price but at $2,500 for a slick, smooth ride you’re on par with similar offerings from Yamaha and Raleigh. The space is changing quickly and it’s nice to see smaller players introducing high style, quality bikes at prices on par with bigger competitors.

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