The Art of Emotional Selling

July 2, 2017

When it comes to the art of emotional selling and basic communication in everyday life, timing and delivery makes all the difference.  I’m sure you’ve noticed people in your life that will react differently to something you say from one day to the next right?  Of course we all know why this happens….emotions.

Being human means (at least for most of us) having emotions. Emotions that will change the way we react to outside influences and interactions depending on what mood we’re in. These changes in mood certainly effect your chances of landing a sale.

When it comes to sales, emotions are like glue.  If you can tap into a person’s emotions with your product or service, you’ve got it made.  This is exactly what big corporations attempt to accomplish, spending millions of dollars on advertising strategies.

Car commercials are classic for this.  They almost always show someone speeding down an open road on a beautiful sunny day with fields of fresh grass and no traffic in sight.  We all know that the reality is you’ll be commuting to work in heavy traffic with the stench of exhaust in the air but what the car makers are attempting to do is make you “feel” you’re the one in the driver seat in that commercial.

You’ll notice with advertising in general (whether it be print media, online or TV commercials), that the author is trying to trigger an emotional response. They know if they can make you feel warm and fuzzy or relate to their product on some emotional level that you’re more likely to buy it.

A perfect example is Apple Inc.  If you’ve ever owned any Apple product you’ll know that they have been taking advantage of people’s emotions from the very beginning in order to sell their products . Their primary concern has always been the user experience.

As a result, people line for hours, sometimes days to be the first to get Apple’s new iProduct whatever it might be.  This kind of brand loyalty is like gold.  From the design of the products, how they feel and function, right down to the packaging,  Apple is a master at creating that instant bond between man (or woman) and machine.


The Art of Emotional Selling


So how do you learn to take advantage of this and tap into your prospect’s emotional state?  If your business is service based, start by providing a lot of value.  Read my article on that here.  Providing extra value is the best way to get ahead of the competition and start creating a trusting relationship with your customers.


Remember that people ultimately want to buy from a person, rather than an unknown corporation.


If you have a website make sure you have a biography page for yourself and perhaps your team members. You need to give your potential customers a face they can connect with.

Create a blog and share you own personal stories.  Relate to problems your prospective clients might have and try to establish that trust or relationship within the articles you write.

You’ll soon find that instead of chasing leads and trying to convince people who don’t know you at all to purchase your product or service, you’ll be getting calls from people who already feel they know, like, and trust you based on the information you’ve provided on your website.

Once you learn how to read people’s emotional state, you can begin altering your sales pitch to deliver the right message at the right time.  This along with the right products and services that connect with people on an emotional level, will help increase your sales overall.

Thanks so much for reading “The Art of Emotional sales”, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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