Learn How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

July 2, 2017

Experts say that email marketing is still the number one way to build relationships and trust with your customers. Many people associate email lists with spam and want nothing to do with them. Regardless of what you think, they remain a top marketing strategy and today I want to share with you some of my tips and a free guide to growing your business with email marketing.

When I first started with email marketing I was a bit worried. Would anyone care what I had to say? Will I scare people off with too many messages or too few? The key is to get the right information to the right audience at the right time.

An email list is a phenomenal tool to automate your business. A particularly popular email marketing tool that I use myself is called Aweber.

Aweber which allows you to create a list of follow up messages that can be used over and over and over again with all your new subscribers. This means you create your series of email messages once, and you’re done!

Each time you get a new subscriber, they will be taken from start to finish through your email messages. If you try this route, it’s important that your messages do not contain dated material like old news articles which may no longer be relevant. You need your messages to appear current to anyone who subscribes at any time.

Let’s look a bit deeper into how a follow up list can be used. If you have products that you sell, you could use a tool like Aweber to bring your potential buyers through a series of emails that talks about and promotes your products, one email at a time.

A key strategy if doing this however is not to send email after email about how awesome your products are. That is the fastest way to get complaints and unsubscribes. What you want to do is provide value to your subscribers.

You want your subscribers to be waiting in anticipation for your next message. Excited to check their inboxes every morning hoping to see another message from you or your company.

How do you do this? By providing valuable, useful information for FREE. Give people information to solve their problems, then and only then once you’ve earned their trust and built the relationship, slip in a product promotion.

When you build in your product promotions do it in such a way that you are still solving a problem. Relate to the potential buyers situation. For example if you’re selling weight loss coffee, your message should start with questions and a discussion about how difficult it is to lose weight, share a story about your own personal struggles with weight loss. Let them know that you’ve been there and you feel their pain.

Whatever your product or service is, put yourself in their shoes and take time to think about what type of article your target audience would be interested in reading. Don’t just talk about how great your product is or show videos of all the nice features, although videos area a great feature to include in your posts.

Try talking about why you built your product or company and how it can solve a problem for your target customer. Demonstrate the value through a video. Relate to your audiences problems and how your products can solve them.

Remember marketing is no longer about pushing your product in peoples faces and playing the numbers game. That is a very expensive strategy that most small businesses cannot afford. Create valuable content, relate to your ideal customer, and solve their problems. This is the fastest route to building trust and ultimately sales.

You can accomplish this perfectly through a well crafted email marketing list. Try it out for yourself!

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