Ideas For A Home Based Business

July 2, 2017

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a home based business?  Getting out of bed on your own terms, working from your laptop in your underwear. Life just doesn’t get much better right?  Well, ok there’s more to it than that but here’s a list of ideas for a home based business you might want to try.

An Online Store

Starting an online store is a great way to get your product visible to the world. There are several options for payment systems as well such as PayPal, Square, Stripe etc that let you setup on-line payments quickly and easily (ok you might need some help from one of your techie friends but it’s much easier than it used to be).

All you need nowadays is the right e-commerce software and a website. If you’re crafty, you can sell your own creations or sell products and items from niche suppliers.

Event Planning

Do you enjoy planning and organizing events? You can turn your passion into an income generating activity. Everyone, from individuals to large corporations, needs someone to plan their events.

In fact, the event planning industry is growing tremendously and the demand is increasing for event planners. You’ll need to be well organized and have a keen eye for detail as well as problem-solving skills and patience to deal with demanding clientele.

Home Based Food Services

Do all your friends line up at the door when you invite them for dinner? You might consider launching a catering, or personal chef business. There’s plenty of market for fresh cooked meals. Not only is a home food service a good way to earn some extra cash but you’ll also get to be your own official taste tester, how awesome is that!

Cleaning Service

Many businesses such as law firms, accountants, insurance companies etc outsource their cleaning services. Whether there’s a recession or not, there are plenty of people looking for domestic assistance. To find someone who’s willing to pay you to clean their office, I’d recommend distributing some flyers or simply calling up local offices in your area to spark some interest.

Social Media Consulting

If you are exceptionally good at social media and love being on Facebook all day, consider starting up a business as a social media consultant. In the current digital age, social media presents tons of opportunities for business. Help businesses integrate social media into their marketing campaigns and they’ll pay you handsomely for it.

I’d recommend getting some training in this department before approaching businesses as they’ll want to see results for their cash, and why shouldn’t they. You’ll need to be able to track and manage campaigns and demonstrate the value your service is providing. Check out my personal site to get more information on social media training programs.


Are you a fast typist with a knack for creating awesome content? Anyone with a blog or a website will tell you about the constant need for fresh ideas. Most businesses don’t have the time to generate new content every other day for their website or blog. You can take advantage of the demand for new content to start your own copywriting company.


Sales doesn’t have to mean creating your own products and services. You can sell other peoples products and make a commission from doing it! Commonly known as Internet marketing or affiliate marketing, there are loads of products available online to sell and websites designed specifically to connect buyers and sellers such as jvzoo.com and clickbank.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read “Ideas For A Home Based Business“. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and received some valuable information.

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