Get paid for your passion!

July 2, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get paid for your passion? What I’m talking about in this post is taking something you already love doing, and learning how to make money from it.

The first step in this process (yes it’s obvious) is to find your passion.  Some of you already have this nailed down but those who don’t, ask yourself the simple question “What do I love to do?”. What is it that makes you feel so passionate, so full of fire, excitement, joy and fulfillment?

Once you have the answer to that, the next question is how can you monetize it? How can you take the thing you love doing, building or providing etc and actually profit from it?  Well, hopefully some of the information in this article will help you figure that out and encourage you to take action and start doing what you love….and get paid for it!

Get paid for your passion

Get the word out! Unfortunately no matter how awesome that thing you do, make or provide is, if nobody knows about it then I guarantee you nobody will buy it.  Seems simple enough, right?  So many of us, however, let our emotions override our logic, put one post on Facebook or make one Google ad campaign, watch it fail then give up, thinking that what they have to offer is no good.

Nothing could be further form the truth. Trust me, if someone can make a million dollars by selling pet rocks (not joking) then there are people who will buy your product no matter how bad you might think your idea is.

A lot of people don’t grasp the concept of how many people exist in the world and how many of those people are VERY interested in what you have to offer.  Take Facebook for example. Do you know that last quarter (as of the date of this post), Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users?!?!

Thinking people don’t want what you have based on a single post on your Facebook page or putting an ad in the paper is completely ridiculous.  Unless you have millions of dollars in your advertising budget like huge corporations for example, you aren’t even scratching the surface, and the friends and family you’re reaching on your personal Facebook page likely aren’t even your target market!

Now you may read that and think, “Great how am I going to ever compete then?”  Well, flip that coin over and what you have (again just using Facebook as an example) is a tool that your parent’s generation and those before them had nothing even close to.

Thanks to the Internet you now have a potential customer base of 1.19 billion people that you can reach from a laptop sitting on your couch!

Hello!!!!! Do you realize the potential here???

You now have the same opportunity that the big corporations have.  You can reach the same potential customer base they can.  Sure you may not have millions in your advertising budget but the great thing is if you do things right you don’t need it! At least not to start.  Do you know that you can make a Facebook ad campaign with just $5 and reach thousands of potential customers?

Never in history has it been so easy and inexpensive to reach so many people!

I smile when I drive down the highway and see the large billboards plastered down the side of the road.  I looked into it once and it costs $1200 per month to have an ad posted on a single billboard in my area.  They give me statistics like “We get 60,000 people a day driving past your ad”.  60,000 a day?? Whoop de fricken doo!  Do you know how many people you can reach on Facebook by spending $1200 a month?

The best thing about doing something your passionate about is that it doesn’t feel like work.  If you love what you do then guess what?  You don’t feel drained, exhausted, pissed off and frustrated when you’re done your day.  Instead, you feel great! Ok maybe a little tired but you have enjoyed doing whatever it is you do and you got paid to do it!

This is what life should be about! Maybe you even got to work from home!

So where do you start? Well as with any business idea, you need a plan.  You need the right mindset. You need to treat your passion like  a business.  Dedicate time to it every day and take action!  You have to take action.  This is the most important point.  Without action, you will fall back into your day to day comfort zone and things won’t materialize nearly fast enough if at all.

Here are some immediate tools for your toolbox to start making money doing what you love:

Fiverr.com.  This website is an easy way to get started.  Paying customers will gladly pay you $5 if you do something for them.  Are you good at talking?  People will pay you to do voice overs for their business.  Are you good at typing?  People will pay you to type stuff.  It’s pretty awesome!

Etsy.com.  Here you can sell any sort of artsy type of item that you can think of.  If creativity and design are your passion, this is the site for you!

Amazon.com.  Did you know you can setup your own Amazon store using other peoples products and make money?  Of course you can sell your own products as well.

Watch YouTube videos and learn how to effectively market your product or service.  There are a ton of free and paid options out there.  Better yet, make your own YouTube videos and show the world how awesome your product or service is!

So I really could go on forever about the opportunity you have these days with the power of the Internet.  I have personally built an entire business using it and you can as well.  Once you get started, you’ll soon be saying to yourself “Why didn’t I start this years ago?”.  It is by far the best way to get your name and product out to the world. It takes time and effort but what business doesn’t, right?

Remember to take action every day and believe in yourself.

Thanks for reading “Get paid for your passion!”.  Please share it with your friends using the share buttons below. I’ll likely be expanding on this topic in a future article so stay tuned.

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