Apple releases new version of macOS Catalina Supplemental Update

October 22, 2019

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Enlarge / No operating system is an island, but macOS Catalina is named after one. (credit: Apple)

Apple has released a new version of its macOS Catalina Supplemental Update. The first iteration of the update was made available to Macs running Catalina on October 15.

Like last week’s update, of which this is apparently a new version, this Supplemental Update promises to fix problems some users encountered when there was limited disk space available. It also fixes issues with saving Game Center data that users faced when playing Apple Arcade games offline, a Setup Assistant bug, and a problem that prevented users from being able to accept iCloud terms when logged into multiple iCloud accounts on the same machine.

If you prefer to hear things in Apple’s own words, here are the release notes provided by the company to accompany the update:

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