2019 16-inch MacBook Pro review: Bye-bye, butterfly

December 4, 2019

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Article author: Samuel Axon
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The 16-inch MacBook Pro seems like the closest thing Apple might ever make to an apology tour. While it sticks to many of the principles established in the 2016 redesign for the product line, its major changes over the just-discontinued 15-inch model include an overhauled keyboard and improved thermal performance—the chief things its predecessor was criticized for.

With this new model, Apple is offering new speakers, new microphones, much faster graphics, and a slightly larger and heavier chassis. The resulting product is something like a hybrid between the 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro and the 2015 one.

Apple markets these products primarily to three sets of potential buyers: developers, creative professionals, and affluent users or users making an aspirational purchase to have the most refined, expensive laptop available. Based on our time with the machine, the last of those three is better off looking at the 13-inch model, the MacBook Air, or any number of Windows laptops. But Apple has made some clear improvements here for the first two groups.

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