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Meet Olaf the great! Our British Golden Retriever.

I wanted to introduce Olaf, our Golden Retriever who you may have seen in some of my other emails or videos and wondered about him. He’s an amazing dog about 2 years old now and as goofy as ever. I just love spending time with him going for walks, playing Frisbee, going for a swim or just being lazy on the couch

In the picture we are at Botanical Beach on Vancouver Island which I highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area. Amazing beaches, trails and old growth forest.

I know so many of us get wrapped up in the never ending tasks of our day to day businesses and can sometimes get tunnel vision with our  focus on achieving our goals.

Olaf reminds me every day about the importance of taking time away from work to spend with the ones you love, which are likely the reason you’re working so hard in the first place. You want to provide a better life for your family but at the same time, you cannot ignore them during the process.

I made a quick video of Olaf and I on our Saturday morning hike I wanted to share with you…

Click here to watch the video

PS. We’re on a mission to help people get more time to spend with their loved ones because we believe life shouldn’t be 90% work and only 10% play. Join Olaf and I in our mission to reverse that…. stay tuned to your inbox and we’ll get there together.

Enjoy your day!